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12th January 2003

2:34am: Just got home. Had a very groovy night. Am having trouble typing, just a little tipsy! A couple friends say they know someone they think would be compatible for me.

Time will tell... I'm pretty lonely.

I have met him, he's very cute. He's 35 or so, which I have no problem with, I think an older guy would be good for me. I crave stability. :-)

Anyways, maintaining a realistic outlook in the meantime. Went to two parties and 3 bars. I didn't drink much, but I can't drink much, so I feel pretty good. I'm debating whether to play The Sims or go to sleepy-time. I don't have much go-time left in me.

11th January 2003

8:31pm: Another beautiful day.
I`m having one of those days where I`m just happy to be me. Nothing really brought this on.

I bought a movie the other day (no, the other other day), Life or Something Like It. I love Angelina Jolie. She puts so much into her characters without seeming the slightest bit forced. Any other actress would have played the character way too simple or complicated. She was perfect. The character was pushing herself to be perfect, but Angelina didn`t seem to be trying to push herself as an actress. I don`t know if that makes a lot of sense. Watch Cameron Diaz in Charlie`s Angel`s and maybe you`ll see what I mean. It always seems like Cameron is pushing her own attractive qualities rather than the characters qualities.

Ok, that was random...

Anyways, I`m on the bus now, I`m on my way home. I`ve got a couple engagements tonight. Two b-day parties for two different people I don`t really know. Shrug, it`s an excuse to drink and wear cute new straight-boy clothes. I bought warm-up pants and a pull-over fleece sweater and I have to find my oh-so-white tennis shoes when I get home.

Oooh! Costumes!

My birthday is coming up, too. I`ll probably go out dancing at Neighbors on the 25th. If you want to come, feel free. Write me for details.

Well, I`m grooving on a really stupid song, so I`m going to devote my mind to it and drop a brain cell or two.
Current Mood: thankful

7th January 2003

11:39pm: Turnaround shifts
Worked until 11p. Have to be back at 7a. Argh.

On a happy note, though, I found a new roommate and I don`t have to move out of my apartment. I don`t like moving. It`s not fun.
Current Mood: indifferent
3:11am: I went cruisin' in the car again. It such a relieving experience, it really is.

We took a ride down memory lane.

We said good-bye to a few of my old demons on that lane.

It is now very late/early again, and I am going to bed.

6th January 2003

12:30am: One last semi-random thought before bed. I'm downloading a techno remix of Copa Cabana. It's so much fun. I really admire the ability of DJ's to take a song that I don't really like, put a spin to it, and repackage it as something new and exciting. The remix almost mocks the original, but it also pays homage.

It's a beautiful thing.
12:12am: Roxanne and I went for a drive today. Roxanne is the name of my car, after the song. In all honesty, I don't care much for the song but it fits the car. Used to be a pretty little hooker, now she's just an old whore.

Damn, it's nice to be able to go where I want, when I want!

It's like a Mastercard commercial;

1973 Oldsmobile Royale; Free.
Tabs and registration for said vehicle; $90.
Half a tank of gas; $10.

Freedom from the restriction of "walking distance"; priceless.

There are some things money can't buy. For everything else...

So, anyways, Roxanne and I were just cruising around and I ended up at my Mama's house. I had known my aunt was going to be there, but I'd forgotten. So, I pull up, thinking I'm just going to pop in and say hi, when she reminds me. So, she'd been cooking all day and I got a really good dinner and got to see my aunt, who is really cool.

Then, I went to Billy McHale's with some friends, sang "I've Got You Under My Skin," then went and watched some stand-up at a friend's house. It was so nice to be able to get out of the house! I've been spending too much time here lately, but there's nowhere within walking distance worth going, and I feel bad when people drive me around, so home is where I usually was.

Not anymore.

So very happy.
Current Mood: thankful

5th January 2003

3:07am: Downloaded myself some Lisa Loeb. She's a tasty treat. Should have gone to sleep hours ago. Going now.

4th January 2003

9:48pm: I`m on the bus now. Until a moment ago, there was this guy sitting next to me. Fortunately, I`m listening to headphones so it was easy to pretend I didn`t hear his REALLY loud moans.

Anyway, the noteworthy thing was that he was wearing a really odd bandanna. It had huge sunflowers on blue gingham. And it was really odd because he seemed like a tweaker and he`s wearing this bandanna that looks like my grandmother`s placemats.

I wonder what he was "claiming"...

I probably shouldn`t joke, the last thing I need is the Sunflower Gang out for my blood.

3rd January 2003

8:27pm: I'm trying to quit smoking. It's not really a New Years resolution, because I long ago resolved not to make any. But, I've been smoking a pack a day for about a year, and now I've cut down to about 3 a day, and only on days when a specific person is working next-door for me to steal them from.

I really want a cigarette.

I must be strong...

I really want a cigarette...

28th December 2002

10:16am: New (sort-of) car!!!
I got my car yesterday. It is a 1973 Oldsmobile Royale. It`s so great! I drove it home from Tacoma yesterday, and she rode so nice! It was given to me by my boss at the hotel.

I was basically leaving it up to my Dad as to whether or not I actually was going to take it or not. I mean, someone tells me their gonna give me a free car, obviously I`m gonna assume it`s a heap. But it`s not! The brakes need work, but other than that, she runs great. She`s got electric windows and locks and seat-adjusment and it all works!

Apparently, it only had one owner prior to my boss, and he only used it for his occasional trips to Oregon. It only has 90,000 miles on it, unless it`s gone around, which it might have, considering it is 30 years old.

Damn, it pays to kiss your manager`s ass!

Just kidding, Lynn`s my buddy. I sure never thought I`d get a car from her, though.

It`s really gonna help me out in my quest to go to school.

So excited!

26th December 2002

11:43am: My ex
He wrote me back! Very surprised. It was nice to hear from him.
Current Mood: Guest-ey Service-y

25th December 2002

7:05pm: The Ex
Wrote an E-mail to the ex. I`m sure I`ll regret it. He won`t write back.

Still, I just wanted him to know I still think of him. I guess he`ll know even if he doesn`t respond.

24th December 2002

12:42am: Love doesn`t make sense.
I was in love once. It still causes me so much pain. I was so stupid. So often I still think of him.

Which, also, is stupid.

I`d give almost anything for another chance. But it won`t happen.

I learned recently that he`s back in town.

I miss him. I shouldn`t. I`d be shocked to learn that I ever crossed his mind.

Stupid stupid Sin.

On a completely unrelated topic, I burned a cd of techno remixes and I can`t stop listening to it! It`s so much fun! I have The Price Is Right, I Dream of Jeannie, Jaws, Speed Racer, and Sesame Street to name a few. it`s a beautiful thing!
Current Mood: melancholy

23rd December 2002

8:37pm: Craziness
So, I guess it`s been a little while, huh? I`ve been so busy. Until yesterday, I hadn`t had a day off for almost 4 weeks. I`m getting a car on Friday. It`s a frickin` land-yacht. Hmm. Doesn`t really fit my personality, but, hey, it`s free. Took the day off today to see a friend who is up from New Mexico and he never called, which sucks. Oh well, I`ll get over it.
Current Mood: blah

11th December 2002

8:29pm: Puppyless.
The people who were gonna give me the dog never showed up at the hotel.

I was saddened, but now I realize it's for the best. It's a battle just to take care of myself. Oh, well. I am getting a new computer, though, which is almost as good as a puppy. No, actually, it's better, so I'm not too upset.

10th December 2002

6:36pm: One is silver, and the other's, um, messy.
It's astonishing the speed with which people can move in and out of your life. My roommate's sister practically lived here for months and was a really good friend of mine. She basically lived here as the stains on the carpet will attest. Then, I yelled at her for smoking pot in the apartment which I had told her in no uncertain terms was NOT OK. And I hardly see her now.

And I didn't do anything wrong. It's strange. People come, and people go.

But the stains are forever.

9th December 2002

7:01pm: I'm getting a puppy!
I conned some guests into giving me a chihuahua! His name will be Perrito, which is spanish for "puppy"!

I'm so excited!
Current Mood: happy

8th December 2002

9:26pm: My mind is totally blown.
Working 5 days at the hotel? No problem! Working 2 at Aaron Brothers? Too much. I don't like retail! And I haven't even gotten my first check from Aaron Brothers since starting at the hotel, so I have yet to receive any benefit from it. When I get my check, I have to decide then if it's worth all this run-around craziness.

2nd December 2002

11:48pm: Animated .gif
I'm so excited! The first person that hasn't met me asked me to make them an animated .gif. That's so cool!

1st December 2002

8:28pm: You can forget all your troubles, forget all your fears...
and go DOWNTOWN!!!!

Uh, yeah. Ok, so referrence my entry for 10-17-02, and this will be even more amusing and equally disturbing.

So, I get off work and I walk to my bus stop, the very same bus stop I went to on 10-17. I'm talking to my friend Lynn on the phone, and this guy starts yelling in my general direction. "Hey, you got long distance?" I pretend to not here him, but he is persistant. Finally, he walks up to me. He's not quite normal.

He wants to use my phone, I say I don't have long-distance. "It's a local call," he says. "Oh, so now it's a local call," says I. Still, I say no. He persists. Finally, I apparently get my point across to him, but he keeps talking to me even as I'm trying to talk to Lynn.

"Are you from Scotland?" He asks.

"No, why would you think that?" I respond in my incredibly west-coast US accent.

"You're hat, it's from Scotland." Everyone else seems to think it's an English driving cap, but okay.

Then he grabs my coat at the pocket, "Is this from Scotland."

"No," I respond. "It's from Broadway." Most people think my coat looks kinda like something a Nazi would wear. I see there point, though that was definitely not my intention when I bought. It's a huge blue wool coat with brass buttons.

"Oh, so are you a punk?"

"Um, no." Most people say I look like I just walked off the boat as a foreign immigrant from Europe, so it's hard to see what made him think I looked like a punk.

Anyways, I'm standing there with my phone to my ear, getting a word off to Lynn from time to time and he asks me, "You waiting for a call or something?"

I look at him with my best, "you must have been bitten by a rabid ape when you were small" look and say, "I'm ON the phone."

"Well, I'll be goddamned," he says. Uh, yeah, that seems likely.

Anyway, shortly thereafter, he finally leaves me and I continue talking to Lynn. He sits down nearby and talks to no one in particular. Finally, he yells, "Hey you!" several times before I turn to look at him. "Come talk to me."

"I'm ALREADY talking to someone!!!" I say.


And THEN, this other crazy guy starts sashaying around. He is an 40 or so black guy and he is walking around like a drag-queen, sucking on a straw like it's a fancy cigarette holder, and laughing like the lunatic he now doubt was. And the other guy just goes off on him, "What's so funny? You think it's funny. Your car! It's not there anymore! You left your keys in it! I know!"

It was great. I was telling Lynn about it the whole time. That is why I work downtown twice a week. It reminds me of how sane I really am.
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