Sinuhe (sinuhe) wrote,


I started dating a new guy about 3 weeks ago and I really like him. To meet him, you'd never think he was gay. He's 33, he's a welder, and he sings country music. He's got one or two muscles and he looks damn good in a Stetson. You could eat dinner off of his belt buckle; sign me up for seconds.

Right now he's in a big karaoke contest and whoever wins gets to open for Diamond Rio when they come to concert. It's a pretty big deal.

IKEA rocks, I absolutely love it. All in all, life is pretty good for me right now.
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LOL yeah! you! so very happy for yoU!
I got the costco job!!!! I love buying stuff!!!anyway i'll chat with ya later have fun and be good!;)
You haven't updated in a while. :(

Join this:
Things are rough for me. I am not happy with my life. Work is good, still. That's about it. I've thought about updating often... but could think of nothing worthy of record.