Sinuhe (sinuhe) wrote,

Hello out there in LJ land. It`s somewhat sad that although I haven`t really written anything, I really have nothing to write.

I broke up with the guy I was dating. He was a bit too in to me, honestly. It was kind of a turn-off. Oh, well.

I`m trying to lose some weight. I`m by no means overweight, I just have about 10 extra pounds spread all over my body, and I would rather not. Particularly the love handles; I ain`t got no love for the handles. I spent most of my formative teenage years weighing a good 40 pounds more than I do now, and the vestiges of that are still all too apparent.

I`m keeping my expectations reasonable. I don`t want muscles, I want to be little. I miss when my mom used to say I was too thin. She says I look good now, which can`t be good!!! I weighed about 145, now I`m about 160.

Should go, it`s late/early.
Well, here`s to keeping my LJ updated!
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