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Last night was thrills chills. I went to my boss`s sister`s housewarming party. It was awkward at first because I didn`t know anyone there. I hardly even knew Claire, the sister. It was all family and good friends and me. When the family left, the beer really started to flow! I had a good time, even though I really didn`t have much in common with them.

The next morning, as Claire was about to give me a ride home, we saw that the passenger side window was broken and her stereo had been stolen.


So, here is me, in Tacoma, with NO way to get home. I`d left Roxy, my car, at home `cause I have little gas and no currency.

Anyway, I finally get home with a couple hours to spare. I`m at work now, and it`s been pretty busy, what with flirting with cute new employee next-door and all.

All in all, I`m really glad I`m so glad I`m working up a social life.

I`m on an Eels kick. I love their songs.

"Grandpa`s happy watching video porn, with the closed-captions on."
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