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25th June 2003

9:34am: Cowboy
I started dating a new guy about 3 weeks ago and I really like him. To meet him, you'd never think he was gay. He's 33, he's a welder, and he sings country music. He's got one or two muscles and he looks damn good in a Stetson. You could eat dinner off of his belt buckle; sign me up for seconds.

Right now he's in a big karaoke contest and whoever wins gets to open for Diamond Rio when they come to concert. It's a pretty big deal.

IKEA rocks, I absolutely love it. All in all, life is pretty good for me right now.

30th May 2003

12:37pm: As the hotel turns...
So, my stalker is now filing a claim of sexual harassment against one of the managers at his hotel. The manager apparently grabbed his ass. Can't imagine why.

Whatever, dude.

26th May 2003

1:26pm: My stalker.
Alright, this time I think I've gotten rid of him. A couple nights ago, he finally gave me an excuse to tell him to fuck off. If it were anyone else who'd said what he said, I wouldn't have cared at all, but it was him and it was a valid excuse to decide not to talk to him anymore.

Well, yesterday was a really bad day at work, and to top it off, he was waiting for me by my car when I was leaving. He said, "Sinuhe," I said, "Bryan.

-Bryan- I'm tired.
-Me- Yeah, me too. Maybe you should go home and get some sleep.
-Bryan- That's not what I mean.
-Me- Yeah?
-Bryan- I mean between you and me.
-Me- Oh, ok. Maybe we should just stop talking.
-Bryan- I agree, but I had to tell you why I've been acting like this. It's for two reasons. I didn't want to lose you as a friend...
-Me- Well...
-Bryan- ...and the second reason is I fell in love with you.
-Reo- Well, that wasn't a very good idea.

By this time, I had sat down in my car and started the engine. I was playing some music really loud while not really looking at him. He continued yammering for a while. My door was open and he was leaning against it, so I couldn't close it. I proceeded to put the car in reverse and the car inched back a few inches.

-Bryan- Fine!

What an emotional moron. He loves me, isn't that nice? We dated for 2 weeks.

And he walks off. I TRIED TO BE NICE! For so long, I tried to tell him we had nothing in common. I thought he was a great kid, but he wasn't for me. I told him I didn't want to talk to him anymore. I told him all these things specifically to avoid a moment like that! I FUCKING TRIED!

Subtlety does not work with this one. I hope he understands now.

22nd May 2003

8:20pm: I got a new job today! I'm pretty excited. I start June 6th at IKEA! Such a fun store, I can't wait to start!

12th May 2003

11:39pm: I've noticed that whenever I write an entry on my Palm Pilot it happens in the future. Strange. Am I doomed to forever do as I do only one month or so from when I do? There's something to think about. Well, I've not been up to anything. My life is terribly exciting. I am essentially bald, however. That's a lot of fun. It's growing back though.

I'm sure there is something worth writing about to write about... but it escapes me at the moment. It is my intention to write more often, NOT THAT ANYONE EVER RESPONDS WHEN I DO!!!

hint hint hint. I want to be popular, too. :-)
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7th May 2003

4:17pm: Sunshine day!
What a beautiful day... to be stuck behind my beautiful desk IN MY BEAUTIFUL FUCKING HOTEL!

But I`m not bitter...

4th May 2003

4:05am: Ok, so I`m drunk!
I had the most awesome night! I went out with some friends to this bar I don`t like and, of course, I expected to have this terrible night. Well... I was wrong. We ended up going to this guy`s place where we continued to get even more inebriated and bang on his drumset. And there was the most awesome guy there. He was incredible! Kind of a tortured artist kind of guy. Wow! I have no kind of romantic interest in him, but there was something about him. If he lives long enough, he could be one hell of a star.

It`s hard to explain.

It`s also hard to write. I`m REALLY drunk! And now it`s bedtime.

28th April 2003

6:15pm: Yay!
Dating a new boy. He`s really sweet. I`m not going to write any more about him now because I don`t want to jinx it.

A good friend of mine got married over the weekend. I was a bridesperson. Despite some minor hitches, it went really well. There was also a female groomsperson, and when we were introduced at the reception, I had her spin me as all the groomsmen their bridesmaids. I didn`t think anyone would really notice, but I was wrong. It was hilarious!

Then we had to do some really short speeches and mine was the best. I was so proud.

Then we danced like crazy people unti midnight. The bride was beautiful. I got to powder her boobs! Truly a high point in my life!

It was good times! I can`t wait to see the pictures!
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6th April 2003

8:08am: Ok, so I`m hung over
It`s a wonderful feeling. I don`t know why, but I like to drink lots and lots of juice when I am so afflicted. So... I`m drinking lots and lots of juice!


31st March 2003

I just spent the last hour making up this beautiful resume. So carefully worded to be concise and yet deliver the full message I was trying to convey. The subtle textures gently weaving in and out, as if rhythmically, to the tune of a gently beating heart, say:

"Hire me. Hire me. Hire me...."

And then Windows Works "encountered a problem" and had to shut down.

The rhythmic beating heart I could hear in my head became a twelve year old child beating on a set of drums, the cymbals being doubtless the most fascinating thing able to be hit as hard as possible with a pair of bloody WIRE WISKS because DADDY TOOK AWAY THE FUCKING DRUMSTICKS. And worst of all, the 12 year old was white and therefore LACKED ANY IOTA OF RHYTHM.

Damn, another repressed memory surfaces?

I was... dismayed.

30th March 2003

2:46am: Damn!

It's time to find a new job, again. I've been falling behind on way too many bills. I am fiercely dedicated to my hotel, it means so much to me. I love that job, but we're understaffed and underpaid, and that is becoming increasingly stressful.

I'm thinking about working at either the Southcenter Bon Marche or IKEA. Both pay considerably more than I'm making now, which is saying remarkably little. Plus I would have support staff up the ass. I AM TIRED OF WORKING ALONE!!! We are expected and do provide kick-ass service to people who have NO appreciation and we do it ALONE! I am tired of the phone ringing nonstop while I'm delivering pillows. I'm away from the desk too often, I have no idea what's going on in my lobby while I'm gone and I do this for next to nothing as far as money goes.

I can't do it anymore. I need to get paid more. I need to get back on top of my debt that increases and increases because I do not have enough money to get out of it. It's so hard, but I'm gonna go look for a new job on Thursday.
Current Mood: aggravated

13th March 2003

4:32am: Hello out there in LJ land. It`s somewhat sad that although I haven`t really written anything, I really have nothing to write.

I broke up with the guy I was dating. He was a bit too in to me, honestly. It was kind of a turn-off. Oh, well.

I`m trying to lose some weight. I`m by no means overweight, I just have about 10 extra pounds spread all over my body, and I would rather not. Particularly the love handles; I ain`t got no love for the handles. I spent most of my formative teenage years weighing a good 40 pounds more than I do now, and the vestiges of that are still all too apparent.

I`m keeping my expectations reasonable. I don`t want muscles, I want to be little. I miss when my mom used to say I was too thin. She says I look good now, which can`t be good!!! I weighed about 145, now I`m about 160.

Should go, it`s late/early.
Well, here`s to keeping my LJ updated!

8th March 2003

11:35pm: Ok, so I haven't written for a while. Don't know why. But something profoudly earth-shattering has happened. I don't know what to make of it, or, more importantly, what it makes of me.

I like Justin Timberlake.

I didn't ask for this! That's not who I am!

I don't know if I'll ever be the same...

10th February 2003

1:38pm: Anybody who hasn't seen Chicago. You go! Now!

3rd February 2003

6:20pm: Last night was thrills chills. I went to my boss`s sister`s housewarming party. It was awkward at first because I didn`t know anyone there. I hardly even knew Claire, the sister. It was all family and good friends and me. When the family left, the beer really started to flow! I had a good time, even though I really didn`t have much in common with them.

The next morning, as Claire was about to give me a ride home, we saw that the passenger side window was broken and her stereo had been stolen.


So, here is me, in Tacoma, with NO way to get home. I`d left Roxy, my car, at home `cause I have little gas and no currency.

Anyway, I finally get home with a couple hours to spare. I`m at work now, and it`s been pretty busy, what with flirting with cute new employee next-door and all.

All in all, I`m really glad I`m so glad I`m working up a social life.

I`m on an Eels kick. I love their songs.

"Grandpa`s happy watching video porn, with the closed-captions on."
Current Mood: content

2nd February 2003

3:11pm: It's a motherfucker
It's a Motherfucker
Being here without you
thinking 'bout the good times
thinkin 'bout the bad
And I won't ever be the same

It's a Motherfucker
Getting through a Sunday
Talking to the walls just me again

But I won't ever be the same
I won't ever be the same

It's a Motherfucker
How much I understand
The meaning that you need someone
I could take you be the hand

And you won't ever be the same
You won't ever be the same
Current Mood: melancholy

1st February 2003

10:27pm: Ok, so my immediate thought having listened to this whole album is that I don't really like it. I don't dislike it. I can definitely see that it's something that could grow on me, though. It's very relaxing, it it's own way.
10:25pm: Too many people have delusions of adequacy.

It's not always easy knowing that I'm better than everyone.

lol. I joke. The first part is true enough, though.
10:05pm: I'm listening to this really cool CD of a friend of mine's band. It's interesting. Lots of odd sounds that somehow play together. I think I like it. I have to listen to more of it before I decide, though.

I accidentally insulted him once. He called me into the back room to listen to a song on the radio. It didn't occur to me that it was him and I forget that he's in a band, and I said, "It's kinda cool, but if I push the rhumba button on my grandparents' organ, it'll do the same thing."

Then I found out that it was his band. I felt pretty bad. I quip fairly non-stop, whether I actually mean what I say or I'm just trying to be witty. Sometimes it hurts other people, which I never mean to do.
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8:05pm: Me
Haven`t written a whole lot lately. I think I`m dating someone. I know that sounds odd. He`s a very nice guy. The reason I say "I think" is because I`m making sure things don`t go too fast. I`ve been through that enough times.

Also, he`s 20, and pretty innocent, like I was back then. I don`t want to end up a regret.

Maybe I`m being too careful.

Maybe I`m just a really nice guy, after all.
Current Mood: contemplative
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